Artist Statement

We are hardwired to find comfort in symmetry and regular patterns. We look to both as markers of health and vitality, and as signposts for ideas that have worked in the past. The economy of energy is what determines patterns--they appear not because of a higher power, but because of a collective need for efficiency. With this body of work, I am exploring how value judgments placed on persons, objects, or places are incapable of appreciating a pattern in full. It is only through the accumulation of all points of view—impossible for any one person to achieve—that the universe can be known. This knowledge itself is maybe the truest knowledge we can have.

These drawings suggest a worldview created from the assemblage of the local. The audience broadly surveys the work, but must telescope inward to investigate the minute details. A rhythm emerges where the viewer oscillates between the specific and the general. The temptation is to see one’s own life story in the drawings: rocket ships, Christmas tree ornaments, a grandmother’s baked goods. The goal, however, is to suggest that point particles exist as infinite waves of possibility until some measurement locks them into place. With that suspension of finiteness, the world is perpetually fresh and new; the possibility for both good and evil exists, and there is an awareness that each needs the other to define itself. The drawings serve as models for the equality found in every moment of space and time.

Jill Gallenstein